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You can hardly run out of options when you buy wall hanging planters online  in India. When you have too many planters around the house already, the walls become the best place to set up your new plants, especially when you don’t have a large outdoor garden space. 

With wall planters, you can add more plants to your home by using up space on empty walls in your balcony, the front door and even inside your house. 

So, when you scroll through endless images of planters, how do you know which one would be best or most suitable for your home or office walls? 

Here are a few tips that can improve decision-making when you buy wall hanging planters online in India:


Tip 1: Where will you set up your planters?

Wall planters can be made of terracotta, wood, metal alloys, fibreglass, resin, and plastic. Each of these materials has certain advantages, which make them ideal for different gardeners. Now the reason we are discussing planter materials, is because some of these materials are more weather resistant than others. 

Ceiling Hanging Planters

If you choose to place your wall planters outside, look for materials like terracotta and galvanised metals. Fibreglass and resin planters are more vulnerable to bad weather conditions, and wooden planters may end up warping because of moisture. They are also more susceptible to bugs and rot. Plastic products threaten the environment and life on the planet, so it is best to steer clear of planters made with unsustainable materials like these in order to create a positive and beautiful green space. 

When you are unsure about where you will be setting up the planters, or if you tend to change the place of your planters every now and then, it is safer to look for planters which can be easily used indoors and outdoors. 


Tip 2: What kind of plants are you planning to grow in them?

Self Watering System

Before you buy wall hanging planters online in India, think of the plants you will be growing in them. Succulents can grow well in small planters, while plants that grow upright or tend to spread will usually need more space and require bigger planters.  

If you are planning on growing herbs or seasonal flowers using wall planters, then it is ideal to buy a family of wall planters to grow the different herbs or flowers. The consistency in planter design will help in maintaining the aesthetic beauty of your green space. 


Tip 3: Will they need a self-watering system?

Wall Hanging Planters

Many wall planters come with a self-watering system which allows water to collect at the bottom of the planter so that the plant can absorb water according to its requirements. This will need a planter which is designed to avoid water leakage while water is continually stored in it. 

Self-watering system in planters is useful for gardeners who may have to stay away from home for long periods of time when the plants cannot be watered. They are also good for beginner gardeners who are unsure of how much water is enough water for their plants. 


Tip 4: Do you have to worry about water splashing on your walls?

Just like your kitchen has a backsplash to avoid the grease and water stains from spoiling your kitchen walls, your planters may need a backsplash to reduce water stains from the wall where your planter has been set up. 

Some planters are designed to reduce wall stains while watering the plants by using a higher back for the planter. Our Carling Vertical Planter is a perfect example of such a design.


Wall planters offer many space-deficient gardeners with a lovely solution to build a green space and keep working that green thumb. The next time you begin your search to buy wall hanging planters online in India, remember these tips to buy the best of planters for your living or workspace. 

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