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Tips for Throwing an Eco-Friendly Party

When most people visualise any celebration, the first image that comes to mind is usually a room decked out with decorations, balloons, banners and abandoned paper plates with half-eaten appetisers. And, of course, a gaggle of individuals laughing, dancing and having the time of their lives.

But here’s a secret. Are you ready? You don’t need all the decorations to achieve the a fun party. You really can have fun and be green at the same time!

Don't get us wrong, we too love decorations and over-the-top details as much as the next party-goer, but once the celebration is over, it becomes really hard to ignore all the waste that’s left over. If you’re trying to make your next event more environmentally friendly, we’ve got green tips to help.

Turn to eco-friendly return gifts

eco-friendly return gift ideas

We believe, gifts should always be something that can be of immediate use to the receiver. Gifting eco-friendly products from sustainable brands is one of the best directions to move forward in. A few products that can be gifted are - Candle Holders, Planters, Table decors, and so on. The outcome will be almost no waste and it will be for a good cause.


Avoid using disposables

re-usable bowls online store

Plastic cutlery, single use plates, plastic cups and plastic straws make up the majority of post-party waste. If you’re having any get-togethers opt for re-usable trays, bowls, plates and cutlery, made of metal, wood or ceramics. 


Use mood lighting thats long lasting

fairy lights for decoration online

Think about reusable decor that is easy to store and pull out for another celebration in the future. ReStory's fairy light collection can be used for years to come. Even when the light fixture stops working, the ornaments can be easily removed and fixed with a new light. The ornaments are made of premium quality of metal that is specially handcrafted to last. 


Use eco-friendly table decor

eco-friendly table decors online

From basil to succulents, potted plants are ideal table centrepieces. Store bought flowers cost a bomb and aren't very ecological. Commercially grown flowers are produced using harmful pesticides, chemicals and dyes, and that's not to mention the transportation involved! Go local or go with your own potted plants. They are a great alternative to cut flowers and they also double up as wonderful party favours too. 


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