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Essential Garden Tools


If you are a beginner in gardening then there are some beginner’s tools that you must have to successfully garden. So, you should not just look forward to buy planter sets online India but a few other tools too that are both essential and come in handy when working around in a garden. Here is your checklist for some garden tools:


1. Hand Trowel 
Hand trowel comes in handy for taking out weeds, transplanting herbs and bedding plants, and planting in containers. Look for a trowel with a broad blade as it will help in digging rocky soil and weeds. The blade should be made from stainless steel as they tend to be sturdy and last longer. Make sure you have a firm grip on the handle to work easily with it.


Hand Trowel for Garden
Garden Gloves


2. Gloves 
Gloves keep your hands safe from splinters and thorns. They should be made from water-resistant fabric and have long cuffs to protect your forearms and wrists. Ill-fitted gloves can cause blisters and may frequently slip off from your hands. You must always keep your gloves safe from water, sunlight, and insects. 


3. Spade 

Spade for Garden

Spades come in handy to lift sod, dig holes for plants, move around mounds of soil, for edging, etc. Look for a spade that has treads over the blade as it provides its strength. They are available in both short and long handles. Although both types of spades are useful, the choice of buying a short or long one depends entirely on your usage. 


4. Garden Hose
Your plants need water and a garden hose ensures that every corner of your garden is watered evenly. Make sure you buy one with an adjustable nozzle so you can control the water pressure. Water hoses should be coiled neatly and stored away from direct sunlight. 


5. Hoe 
There are different types of hoes available and you must purchase one depending on the type of garden you have. There are wide hoes and flat hoes which are sturdy and great for a vegetable garden. Those with a perennial garden must purchase a thin hoe. There are stirrup hoes that are good for weeding. Hoes also come in handy when preparing flower beds.


Hoe for Garden 


6. Watering wand 
Watering wands work great for hanging planters or places that are hard to reach such as the back edges of the borders. They are available in different lengths; you can select the size according to your requirement.


7. Garden Fork
If your garden soil has dense soil, then a garden fork is a perfect tool to dig. The fork of this tool is designed in different ways to serve different purposes in the garden. For instance, straight tines are great to dig clay soil, rock, or compact soil. Square tines are strong and will even take the hit if it accidentally hits a rock. 


8. Pruning Shears 
Pruning shears help you in trimming the plants. They are also known as secateurs or hand pruners. 


Pruning Shears for Garden



9. Rake 
Rake comes to your rescue when you need to clean your garden from leaves or other debris. 

10. Watering Can 
There are so many types of watering cans available. You can use them to water all your plants. You must buy one with a long neck if you need to water indoor plants. For watering outdoor plants make sure you have one with a large sprinkler head. 

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