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MDF and metal candle holder set


When you buy candle holders online in India, you are sure to come across a delightfully vast collection. While lots of options could be a good thing, sometimes, it adds to all the confusion of which one would be the best one to buy. 

From romantic dinners to relaxing baths, candles can be used in so many ways. But sometimes, our choice of candle holders can limit how effectively they can be used. Imagine of windy evenings when you have a tall candelabra out for a garden party. There’s very less chance of those candles staying lit for a long time. 


So, here are 5 tips that help you buy candle holders online in India:

1. What kind of candles will you be using?

 Types of Candles

Tea light candles have grown in demand because they are easy to use, and they pose less of a threat if you forget to snuff them off. The pillar candles, on the other hand, are beautiful, but since they can stay lit for hours, you must remember to blow them out, or they can lead to fire mishaps. 

The reason why it is good to think of the candles you would like to use before you buy candle holders online in India, is because candle holders are typically designed for specific types of candles like tea light candles, pillar candles, or tapered candles. 

Once you know which candles you like and will be using most often, you can narrow down your choices of candle holders.  


2. Will you use them indoors or outdoors?

Wooden candle lanter

When you are lighting candles indoors, you are mostly in control of the wind. You can either turn down the fan or keep the candles in a place where the fan cannot reach them. This means, you have more options when buying indoor candles because you can buy them with or without a hurricane glass. 

If your candles will be used outdoors like a garden or the balcony, or even if you will be using it next to an open window, then look for candle holders with hurricane glasses. They will maintain the beauty of shimmering candle lights under the open sky without letting the wind blow out your candles. 


3. Which materials will go with your home decor? 

Metal black and gold candle holder

Metal candle holders sit perfectly in chic and modern setups. Our black and gold candle holder set from our Lappi collection is designed with such modern interiors in mind. On the other hand rustic style interiors will be complemented by our Tømmer wooden hanging lanterns.

If you are going to buy candle holders online in India, it's always a good thing to keep your home décor in mind, after all, candle holders are a long-time investment. 


4. Do you have to worry about the wax dripping on the base?

 Candle drippage

The only concern many people have about candles is the mess created by candle wax. Tea light candles solve this problem very easily. But pillar candles and tapered candles can be more of an aesthetic choice for many buyers. So, when you buy these candles, you may want to carefully choose a candle holder that can limit the wax dripping to the candle base. This way, the place where you keep the candle, like the table or the windowsill, does not suffer damage. 


5. Is it meant to be a gift?


Candle holder as gifts

When you buy a candle holder online in India for a gift, remember to buy holders which can easily be used in different décor settings and in different areas of the house; because you don’t really know how the receiver of the candle holders would like to use them. 


With these 5 tips in mind, we hope that you will be able to choose the most suitable candle holder for your home or for gifting a loved one. 

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