About Us



Sustainability is in our hands. ReStory aims at giving a new “story” to waste materials through our unique sustainable decor products. As we thrive towards a more eco-conscious lifestyle, we are proud to showcase how sustainable products can be innovative, diverse and affordable.

All our materials are sustainably sourced and manufactured using energy-efficient processes. Our metal products are made out of scrap mild steel pieces, and our wood and glass products too come from similar origins. We are a 100% plastic-free brand – and that includes packaging too!


We believe in supporting small businesses by sourcing all our recyclable materials from local vendors from factories in and around Mumbai. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure minimal impact on the environment. 


Choosing sustainable products, especially those inspired by nature, can positively impact mental wellbeing. We believe in offering carefully curated assortment of unique decor products that are of high-quality and longevity. We believe that luxury does not have to be expensive.