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Gardening an Interactive Playground for Children

A garden is a beautiful place for your children. It is an interactive playground where they can engage all their senses and understand smell, touch, see, taste, and feel the nature around them. Gardening can prove immensely beneficial to children of all ages to learn and equip themselves with important skills that can help them in various ways. Here are some benefits of letting your children experience gardening.

1. Children are Encouraged to Eat Healthy 

Encouraged children to eat healthy

Your children will automatically look forward to eat fruits and vegetables that they helped grow in the garden. They will soon look forward to eating spinach, tomatoes, carrots, or apples grown in the garden. With some explanation from you on the importance of eating healthy, they will quickly inculcate the habit of eating fresh and healthy foods. 

2. They Get Acquainted with Science 

Introduce gardening to the children

Gardening is a unique way to introduce science to children at a young age and in a fun way. Here are some subjects on which they can gain some basic knowledge with gardening:

  • Math – by keeping a count of the number of seeds planted or to be planted, measuring the depth of soil, counting flowers/fruits/vegetables, etc.
  • Botany – by understanding the process of sprouting, things needed by plants to grow (sunlight, water, good soil, etc.), understanding parts of the plants (leaves, seeds, fruits, stem, flowers).
  • Meteorology – by understanding the type of weather suitable for various plants in the garden.
  • Chemistry – by learning composting – decomposing leaves, leftover food, peels from vegetables and fruits to make natural compost for plants.

Although these are just some basic learnings but it is these learnings that set the foundation for your children’s studies in future. 

3. Gardening Improves Memory, Focus and Teaches to be Patient 

Gardening improves memory

Garden care can be quite helpful in instilling patience in the children, a virtue that seems to be missing in many. Waiting for the seeds to sprout, watching every new leaf grow bigger, waiting for the bud to open and the flowers to blossom are all beautiful phases in a plant that happen slowly. The children take responsibility for the plants they grow. They look after them and make sure they are safe. Overall, gardening enhances their memory, helps them focus, and teaches them to be patient. They also become alert, and their cognitive abilities get better too.

4. Gardening Together Gives You an Opportunity to Spend Time with Your Children 

Gardening gives an opportunity to spend time with your children

As parents or grandparents, we hardly get time to spend with each other. Hectic work schedules and excessive use of screens have limited our family time. Not only does gardening save your children from excessive usage of the screen, it also gives an opportunity to spend time with them. Gardening is a wonderful social activity that helps in creating beautiful memories with your children or grandchildren. 

5. Makes the Children Aware About Preservation of Environment 

Children aware about preservation of environment

As responsible individuals, all of us understand the importance of preserving nature. Providing care to the seeds and growing plants instill a sense of awareness towards the environment. The more time the children spend in the garden, the closer they get to the nature. They will be more passionate towards preserving plants, trees, and the nature. 


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