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World Environment Day

The Care Our Environment Demands 

Our environment is the prime reason why we are still being able to breathe and juggle through the chores of our daily lives. It is a no-brainer how the trees in our environment supply us with ample amounts of oxygen. But besides, it is the trees that also shield us from the scorching sun on our way home from a long day at the office. It is the greenery of our environment that brings down the temperature and keeps us cool – we cannot and do not want to even suffer from the intense heat waves similar to Rajasthan – a good example of what lack of greenery results into. 

Let alone humans, but animals too, have full right to take advantage of a lush, green environment. It provides them with the right habitat and also supports various life cycles, which act as food for not just them, but us humans as well. However, do we actually care about preserving this divine gift of God? How much do we contribute towards the welfare of our environment?

Well, there is this globally celebrated day, also known as the ‘World Environment Day,’ to celebrate the environment and its selfless services towards us. But, one day is surely not enough to value the amount of protection and favours we receive from our environment. Our lifestyles, coupled with urbanisation, have taken a toll on the environment. The increased usage of non-biodegradable products, along with harmful gas emissions, is rapidly eating away the beauty of it, which poses a serious threat to not just us but also our future generations. Thus, every day should be wisely spent on reversing this massive harm that we have brought to our environment, not just the world environment day alone. 

A Small Act of Gratitude

The World Environment Day alone lasts only a day and may not be enough to reverse the harm we have brought to our beautiful environment. But, it surely has a great significance as it invokes the seeds of responsibility and love for the environment in the people, which can surely outlast the day. 

To begin with, World Environment Day had begun in the year 1974 which now is celebrated in over 100 countries on the 5th of June. The main motive of this day does not only put emphasis on the plantation of new trees and global warming – a common misconception people have regarding it – but the environment as a whole. Besides those two issues, this pious day also spreads awareness about water pollution, deforestation, wildlife preservation, sustainable consumption, and overpopulation of human beings. 

All these are to stay in a perfect balance to ensure our environment is safe and flourishing, but unfortunately, with the advancement of life along with the development of new and time-saving production processes to fuel our needs, we have somewhere forgotten about our environment. This neglect is stealing away the shine and fruitfulness of it, which poses a great threat for the coming generations. 

World Environment Day is a reminder to us of our harsh activities towards the environment and makes sure we are well aware of the consequences of it. It is celebrated every year internationally as human nature is prone to forgetfulness. There are many resolutions we take each year but do we always put up with them? The answer to that is a big no. Hence, even when we become aware of the environment after World Environment Day, we also have high chances of not being able to keep our promise of protecting it. 

Thus, World Environment Day is celebrated every year globally to remind us human beings to show gratitude to it and provides us with updates, both positive and negative, regarding the environment. It helps us create new goals for sustaining and nurturing it, which is why it is considered to be one of the most important international events. 

In a nutshell, it is high time we show gratitude towards our environment, and what better day to take this incredible initiative other than World Environment Day?

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