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Wooden lanterns India

Lanterns have been around for years, initially as a purpose to provide light, but today it has become a part of décor. They are now used to add ambiance to the room or the area where they are kept. Lately, wooden lanterns seem to have gathered quite an audience. Artists are creating stunning pieces of wooden lanterns in different styles, including minimalistic, artistic, contemporary, ethnic, and more. If you are looking to buy some beautiful wooden lanterns India or looking for ideas to style wooden lanterns before you purchase them, then we will help you with some decorating ideas:


Refreshing Beach

Encouraged children to eat healthy

Fill your wooden lantern with seashells of different shapes and sizes. You can even add some sand to it and place some seashells outside around the table too. Additionally, you can place clear empty glasses around the wooden lantern and fill them with sand and seashells too. Larger the lantern, the prettier it looks. If the lantern is spacious, then you can add a large candle in the centre and surround it with seashells or even a starfish if you have. 


Garden Grandeur 

Seashells Shapes Lantern

A wooden lantern, when placed in your garden, will only enhance its beauty. Fill the lantern with fake moss, artificial blooms and some leaves, along with a small scented candle. Use bright coloured blossoms or flowers to give it an attractive look. You can either hang it like a planter or place it somewhere in the centre. If you want a similar look for your interior, then place succulents in them and put on a table. 


Autumn Fiesta 

Wooden Lantern with Garden Grandeur

Place a wooden lantern on a tray, preferably on a wooden one, and place dried pinecones, acorns, autumn leaves and pine leaves in the tray and inside the lantern too. Add some fake cherries for some colour and to give it an attractive look. Medium-sized square or rectangular-shaped wooden lanterns will look wonderful in this decoration.


Welcoming Lantern

Wooden Lantern with Autumn Fiesta

Place electric candles in large wooden lanterns and hang them on your porch. You can hand smaller lanterns alongside for a prettier and warm look. A couple of tweed chairs with large cushions and a plain rug on the porch would look enhance the beauty of the wooden lanterns and space. 


Dreamy Starlight Lantern 

large wooden lanterns for welcome

Wooden lanterns with intricate work all over are quite popular. Although they would look delightful without any addition to them but adding electric candles or placing fairy lights in them would give a magical look. You can place them along your stairs or some dark corner of the house. The light from the wooden lanterns and the shadow from the design of the lantern will give a charming effect to the place. 


Rustic Charm 

Dreamy Starlight wooden lantern

If you already have a rustic table that is sitting alone, then a large or tall wooden lamp over it would change the way it looks. You can add a very few basic things to the table, such as a photo frame, a vase or mason jars, etc. 


Traditional Lantern

Traditional look wooden lantern

For a more traditional look, fix two wooden lanterns on wooden brackets on a single wall of your entrance door (outside). You can place a votive candle in the lanterns. 



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