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What comes first to your mind when I say 'Fairy Lights'? Beautiful twinkling lights that add a pinch of awesomeness and beauty to the place where they are lit, and convert darkness into a splendid dim-lit experience, right? We all share the same feelings when it comes to these delicate fairy lights. These beauties form a part of every festival such as Diwali, Christmas, and others, and no wedding celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other party is complete without these twinkling fairy lights. Most bedrooms today have a corner of photos or other showpieces that is decorated with fairy lights to make it look more aesthetic.

It will not be an overstatement if I say that fairy lights are a blessing from the fairies themselves. However, as every beautiful thing comes with at least one limitation, fairy lights are no different from this rule. One major drawback with them is if one bulb goes off, the entire lighting system goes off, and no matter how elegant the decorations on the lighting are, it is utterly of no use now as the lighting has stopped working.


Sustainable Metallic Fairy Lights

However, there is good news, and I have come across these fairy light strings that are crafted from metals and can be easily replaced from one fairy light string to the other. These strings are hand-crafted from metals which makes them a long-lasting investment. Moreover, 75% of the metals used in these strings are brought from scrap metals, making these string lights an extremely sustainable option.

Using, cleaning, and reusing these metal light strings that come in vivid shape options such as pyramids, flowers, leaflets, and others is as easy as taking an elevator. Wipe these metal strings with a dry clean cloth, and if the bulb string in it stops working, replace the fairy lights under the metal string in easy steps, and you are all set!

As these metallic decorations are hand-crafted, everything from their cutting to the final touchups is done by humans, which gives these lighting a comparatively intricate look than the other fairy lights available in the market.


A Splash Of Romance

If you are planning to redo some aspects of your room for a special night or are bored with the monotones of a space, adding in some strings of fairy lights, there is a good option. It transforms the overall look and the vibe of the space with very little effort and expense on your part.

If you want to have a dinner date but are caught up in a lockdown, just add in some fairy lights to the backdrop of your dining table, and you have made it a 100% romantic ambiance.


Bomb Photoshoots

If your heart desires a classy photoshoot for your social media handles without spending a bomb on it, these delicate-looking metallic fairy lights come to your rescue. You can just decorate the railings of your balcony and the floor beneath with these twinkling beauties and can have some really good pictures with it. Secondly, you can also hold these fairy lights to let the light fall on few angles of your face and click magnificent portraits and closeup pictures.


For Easy Breezy Parties

If you have a sudden party planned or a few friends are dropping for dinner at your place, and you don't have much time at your disposal for the decorations, just adding a string or two to the walls, and you no longer need to worry about the ambiance for the party or the dinner.

In conclusion, the reusable metallic fairy lights are long-lasting ones as we need not give up on them if the fairy lights stop working.

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