Tanaka Tiny Planters - PL-TB-RT-1-O
Tanaka Tiny Planters - PL-TB-RT-1-O
Tanaka Tiny Planters - PL-TB-RT-1-O

Tanaka Tiny Planters - PL-TB-RT-1-O

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What is the product….
Perfect for air plants or any other fun idea, these tiny planters are great for so many uses! A classic design and durable finish make these the perfect planters for any table or desk. Comes in three different colours, it makes for a perfect gift.

What are the details….
Colour: Available in White, Orange and Pink
Sold only as a set of three
Size: 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm x 6.5 cm
Material: Galvanised Mild Steel and finished with powder coating
Care instructions: Rinse in lukewarm water
Placement: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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Sustainability Details...

Over 95% of the metal used in the manufacturing is sourced from scrap dealers. The clamps are hand cut and then welded together with the planter. Our powder coating process includes dry, free-flowing thermoset powder material, which is applied to a surface, melted, and hardened into an even coating. This creates a strong, durable product that is highly resistant to corrosion, flaking and scratching, and does not generate harmful solvents and airborne pollutants. Our artisans wear full protective gear during the entire manufacturing process.